The Process

We design and build all our boards from start to finish. All aspects of the board are customized. Core materials, shape, design, fiberglass, carbon, graphics.

Got an idea? Let's work up a board for you're needs.

Snowboards, split boards, snow-skate subs; we've got you covered for your boarding experience.


Adjustable vacuum press

Our adjustable press allows a wide range of flexibility for different designs, shapes and camber styles. We can switch from one deck to another in less than a half hour.

some photos from the shop

Ryme Experimentals

Custom Snowboards, Splitboards & Snowskates


RYM decks are built to last and we back everyone up with free lifetime repairs, tuning and maintenance. Just bring it by the shop an we'll get it ready to go.


High quality steel edges, bent and tacked by hand to ensure a precise fit. All of our base material is black Durasurf; strong and durable for a long lasting deck.


Experimentals is in our name; we're always trying new materials, improving techniques and working on new designs to keep the building experience fresh and ever evolving.

  • 2008 - Got our start building a board from a kit on the floor of the basement.
  • 2010 - Time to upgrade the shop with more space and cool tools. Dozen boards done.
  • 2011 - Finally got all our suppliers in order, got ourselves a plotter and started paper graphics. 20+ boards built.
  • 2014 - Made the switch to professional graphics. 50 or so decks built so far.
  • 2015 - Base grinder added. Graphics and decks coming out a lot cleaner. 80 boards and climbing.
  • NOW! - Experimenting with Carbon Fiber. Reworking the press for a better base. Nearing 100 builds!


To build the best board you've ever rode at an affordable price; custom designed for you to maximize the enjoyment of the sport.


Our cores are hand built from carefully chosen wood to get the best reaction for each deck. Every core is planned to get just the right flex before it goes into the press.


Customized to you're preferred flex; carbon fiber, fiberglass, carbon stringers? We'll work with you to get the right material setup for the response you're looking for.